Tynecastle AFC v Cambusnethan Talbot

10am  1 April 2017

Strathclyde Saturday Morning Amateur League, Premier Division
Tynecastle AFC 8 Cambusnethan Talbot 0 (att 12)

It always pays to have a plan B worked out. The fixture, on a 3G pitch at the Stepford Football Centre in the east end of Glasgow, was my back up option when I left home.

I'd settled on watching AFC Ravenscraig, who play in Wishaw in the same league, but arrived at the ground to find no sign of a match 30 minutes before kick off. As I type this I'm still not sure if it was off, moved elsewhere or whether I should have been patient and waited.

Rather than take the risk of a blank morning I headed straight for Stepford, in time to see table-topping Tynecastle hammer Cambusnethan. Four goals in each half were no more than the home side deserved in a dominant display.

Unlike English non-League football, in Scotland the distinction between a club's first team and reserves can be a blurred one. Cambusnethan have a side in the Central Scottish Amateur League, one of the strongest amateur leagues, so this is likely to have been the reserves, or maybe just the players who prefer to play on a Saturday morning.

On this display the senior side is unlikely to be calling up any of these players although, to be fair, they kept battling to the end, and Tynecastle are head and shoulders above quite a few teams at this level.

I last saw Tynecastle AFC at home when they played on a grass school pitch in Easterhouse. The pitch at Stepford is a typical fenced-in 3G facility. It's next door to two grass pitches, both of which were also staging morning games.

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